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Currently, there are 20 participants in 3 Circles of LCL in Latvia – LC 1 Riga, LC 2 Riga and LC 5 Riga. LCL operates in seasons – from September till June. Each season starts with a joint event and ends with an Annual General Meeting. The circlers gather both – in circles (each circle meets at least once in a month) and in joint LCL events. 11 February is a special day when all members of LCI celebrate the Ladies Day all over the world. We are friends, and we provide service – organize events for ourselves, relax, engage in interesting things, try new opportunities, as well as help other people. Currently, LCL co-operates with State Social Care Centre “Riga” within its national service project.

Within the Side by Side project, LCL co-operates with the men’s organization Round Table Latvia, being a member of the international organization Round Table International.